Tent City 4 is now in Bellevue an can use some help.

Tent city 4 is now located at Temple B’Nai Torah.

Tent City 4 is in need of your help!            

Tent City 4 is in process of working with a new service provider for the cleaning of our camp blankets every week, this may take some time. We, however, have new camper’s arriving daily that need clean blankets upon admittance. We need help quick short term help with providing clean blankets to meet this critical need.

What you can do to help Tent City 4:

Help us by cleaning any number of blankets you can from as few as 4 to as many as you may like. The camp will be able to launder up to 600 Blankets a week in the near future but for now each new camper needs just four blankets to stay warm, dry and safe. Please use our TC4 Blanket Laundry Pledge Form (see reverse side) for the easiest way to help immediately.

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Tent City 4 has moved to Faith United Methodist

After a temporary stay in Lake Sammamish State Park TC-4 was accepted by the congregation at Faith United Methodist Church in the Klahanie area.
Special thanks to the State of WA for letting the encampment reside on state land while we found a much needed host.
Sammamish Review
Click to Read the news reported by the Sammamish Review.

For more information on how to help Tent City 4 visit the SHARE/WHEEl website.
Additionally, Tent City 4 is in need of a used scanner/printer for its office.  If you have an extra office unit available please send email to tentcity4info@gmail.com to see if it can help us with our daily administration needs.


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Get to know the “REAL” Tent City 4

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Mary, Queen of Peace Church Will Host Tent City 4

TC-4 is moving this Saturday, please drop by to help support the move in either location.  Thank you Father Kevin Duggan, and all of Sammamish community members.
Please click here to print and share more information. Move Directions

At Saturday evening Mass, Father Kevin Duggan, Pastor of Sammamish’s Mary, Queen of Peace Catholic Church, announced he had decided to invite Tent City 4 to come to Mary, Queen of Peace Church to be guests of the church community for the next 60 days, beginning next Saturday, October 19th.
Read here
and Here, KOMO News reports TC-4 move.

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Winter is Coming & Time to Move!

Time has come for TC-4 to move again.  We have had such an unbelievable stay at Redwood Family Church we do not want to leave, but time has come.  If you or someone you know would like to help in anyway with the move or have supplies, please get in touch with the camp or come by for a visit.  Thanks to everyone and stay tuned for more info!

TC-4 is movingContact TC-4 at 206-618-3901

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Photos from Redwood Family Church Move.

This gallery contains 8 photos.

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TC-4 Has Moved!

Click to see where we are now.

After 2 days of packing and breaking down, the entire encampment is back up in our new location.  Over 80 people moved to the new site in a barrage of community support.  Special thanks from the entire encampment to all those involved.  Please add your personal comments and keep posted, don’t forget to check out the new photos or call to visit the camp.

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TC-4 is moving this weekend! Volunteers welcome.

After a wonderful stay and many best wishes in Kirkland, TC-4 is parting the community to head to the new location at Redmond Family Church.

Contact the front desk anytime at 206-618-3901 to get details if you would like to help with the move or donate moving items.  Volunteers are welcome anytime.  Be sure to check the new photos and feel free to comment.  Stay tuned for our status update.


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Tent City 4 Moving Wish List Dec 30

Tent city4 which is now situated at St. John Vianney Catholic Church will move to St. Jude’s Catholic Church on Jan. 12th. The address is St. Jude Parish. Redmond, WA 10526 166th Ave NE.

Move List:
· 33 gal. trash bags with ties
· 5 5lb 8 penny (2 ¼” nails)
· 4 5lb roofing nails (1 ¼” nails)
· 20 sheets ½” plywood
· 200’ of 3/8” to ½” sisal/manila rope
· 250’ of ¼” nylon cord
· 2 large twine balls
· 30 rolls of duct tape
· 12 black sharpie markers
· 2000 8” & 11” zip ties
· 12 8’ 2X4s
· Bottled water
· Silver tarps 16’ X 20’ and 12’X16’
· Cheap emergency rain ponchos in case of a wet move
· Volunteer drivers to help shuttle campers to the new site throughout the morning and afternoon (volunteers call 206-618-3901)

Regular Needs list:
· Coffee, creamer, sugar
· Milk, tea, hot chocolate
· Hand Sanitizer
· Toilet paper
· Batteries AAA, C, D)
· Flash lights
· Trash bags 33 gal. and 13 gal.
· Coffee grinder
· Zip-ties
· Spiral notebooks
· Small heater
· 8ft. ladder, shop lights
· Men’s and Women’s Clean Used Winter Clothing small to XXXL
· Socks, Boots, Shoes
· Cold & Flu meds Cough Drops, analgesics, vitamins, antacid, neosporin, Q-Tips, Cotton balls
· Paper Cups, plates and bowls
· Plastic forks, spoon, knives
· Ziploc bags(gal. and quart)
· Microwavable foods, soups, chili, Cup of Soup, Top Ramin etc.
· Lunch Meats
· Cold cereal, Instant Oatmeal
· Used books and magazines
· Paper towels
· Food handler gloves
· Scrub pads
· Razors, Shaving cream, deodorant
· Bath towels, Soap, Shampoo
· Feminine hygiene products
We continue to support the residents of Tent City4 as well as those of Camp Unity. Anyone with questions is welcome to call us at 425-823-1629
Sandi and Randy Hunt

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Tent City 4 Wish List Dec 5

Hi All,

Tent City4 is still at St. John Vianney, and they still need supplies. There are now about 40 residents at that site. At least for now we have 2 tent cities on the Eastside to support. They are very low on supplies.

Paper towels


Food handling gloves

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