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High quality, low protein, low fat, high fiber pot bellied pig pellets — roughly 1/2 cup per 25 lbs. daily (but most adult pigs eat about 2 cups a day) Fresh, non-starchy vegetables (such as cucumbers, peppers, and carrots) to make up 25% of the total daily diet; 1 children's chewable multi-vitamin daily. Feed to adult potbellied pigs at a rate to support the desired body condition. This will typically be in the range of 1.0 to 20% of bodyweight daily (1/4 to 1/2 lb per 25 lbs of bodyweight daily). Monitor body condition closely and adjust the feeding rate as needed to avoid obesity.

Most adult pigs will maintain a healthy weight with daily rations of about 2 cups of feed formulated for potbellied pigs, along with fresh vegetables and a little fruit. Divide the daily allotment into a couple of meals. Do not underfeed potbellied pigs to try to keep them . Are You a Potential Potbellied Pig Parent? Both adult size and longevity are directly related to how the pig is cared for. Of course, genetics also plays an important role, but management is of utmost importance. Pre-Adoption Education. Impulse buying a pot-bellied pig (or any pet, for that matter) is a bad idea. You need to totally.

All Potbellied Pigs are miniature when compared to their cousin, the farm hog. Hence the name miniature pot bellied pigs. When full grown, a farm hog can exceed 1,000 pounds. Thus, it is obvious why Vietnamese pot belly pigs are considered miniature. Also, weight is not always the best way to describe them. Their bodies are very compact and solid. Nearing 3 months of age, make the gradual change to the adult diet. Fresh Foods for Pot Bellied Pigs. In addition to the formulated diet, you can feed a good variety of fresh vegetables to make up about 25% of your pot-bellied pig's diet. Foods such as celery, cucumbers, peppers, carrots, potatoes, and some greens are good choices (but try to.

Adult commercial hogs can reach 1,000 pounds, while adult potbellied pigs typically top out around 150 to 200 pounds. “There are no teacup pigs. There are no 20- to 30-pound, full-grown pigs anywhere. I have three patients who are 30 to 35 pounds, but it’s not reproduceable in multiple litters, and every one of them is a genetic misfit. Before purchasing or adopting a Potbellied Pig, consider this: You should own your home or are buying one. In other words, that you do not live in an apartment. .

Vietnamese Pot-bellied is the exonym for the Lon I (Vietnamese: Lợn Ỉ) or I pig, an endangered traditional Vietnamese breed of small domestic pig.. The I is uniformly black and has short legs and a low-hanging belly, from which the name derives.The I is reared for meat.Other names: Pot-bellied Pig, . Wees: We take a slightly different approach from other breeders with our pet pigs in that we like to bring attention to the adult pigs on our small farm. We want folks who wish to adopt a pig to come visit and get familiar with this breed and learn as much as they can before making an emotional decision based solely on a cute picture of a piglet.