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The short ski shop is an online division of THE PARIS SPORTS CO LTD and all payments are processed through our parent company “Paris Sports Ltd”. The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only. Are short skis or snow blades the same as kids skis? No, Kids skis are totally different in design and construction, they are too soft for adults, Do not confuse proper adult short skis or blades with kids skis All our skis and blades are for ADULTS although they can be used by teens and older/heavier/taller kids.

These relatively new short skis feel more like skating and are very easy to maneuver. In contrast, the new Skiboards (referred to also as snowblades, ski boards, miniskis, short skis or skiblades) about half the length of skis and almost twice as wide, boast the fastest learning curve on the slopes. Nov 24, 2018 · The 5 Best Skis For Beginners Reviewed [2018-2019] November 24, 2018 Sometimes it’s also advisable to go a bit on the short side when choosing length for a beginner ski. Note: These are uni-sex skis. smaller men and women both may struggle to find a short enough ski Author: Casey Fiedler.

The fewer number of days you ski per year the shorter your skis should be; Note: don’t base your ski length decision entirely on ski length. The turning radius of a ski is equally as important as ski length. Longer skis usually have a larger turning radius and shorter skis usually have a smaller turning radius.Author: Joe Nevin. Ski Size Chart & Calculator. Click here to shop skis in your perfect length. Ski Size Calculator. Don't wonder what ski length to choose. Let our Super Advanced Ski Size Calculator and Matrix tell you. Because whether you cruise blue square trails or explore backcountry terrain, you want the right sticks.