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Getting Ready for the Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT) What is the CAAT? At MITT, there may be additional admission requirements for mature entrance students, applicants from outside of Canada, or international students. The Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT) measures the skill level of applicants in the areas of math. The Canadian Adult Achievement Test is a unique measure of an adult’s current functional level in mathematics, reading and language. This battery of achievement tests has been designed specifically for the Canadian adult, regardless of his or her previous school experience.

The Canadian Achievement Survey Test for Adults (CAST) Adult educators appreciate the value of valid, reliable, efficient and cost-effective tests to help inform admission and placement decisions for the adult students or clients. The Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT), is a multiple choice test administered to determine equivalence to Canadian education from grades 1 to 12 for those seeking apprenticeship or as requested by some trade unions or employers as a requisite for promotion or employment.

May 10, 2019 · The Canadian Achievement Test (CAT) is a standardized test created by the Canadian Test Center. Two different types of CAT are available, CAT 3 and CAT 4. CAT 4, is the newest and was released in 2008. Both of the Canadian Achievement Test's are based on Canadian society and values. The CAT (Canadian Achievement Test) is designed to help identify areas of learning in which students may be struggling or excelling. These tests are not required for post-secondary applications. Their true value for home educators is as a mechanism to help parents target areas where students may need some extra help.