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Educating adult learners: Twelve tips for teaching business professionals learner’s need to know, self-concept of the learner, prior experience of the learner, readiness to learn, orientation to learning, and motivation to learn (Knowles, Holton, and Swanson 2005). First, you will be introduced to the unique needs and motivations of adult students and find out just what they expect from your class. After that, you will examine your students' different learning styles and multiple intelligences and look at how you can teach to each learner's strengths.

Internal and external influences on the adult learner both in their past and present experiences form these views. These views in turn form the adult learners’ motivation and barriers to learning. With this in mind, the need to create a tool to help teachers of adult learners understanding the adult learners’ motivation and the barriers to. May 08, 2013 · Adult Learners' Traits. Self-direction Adults feel the need to take responsibility for their lives and decisions and this is why it’s important for them to have control over their learning.Therefore, self-assessment, a peer relationship with the instructor, multiple options and initial, yet subtle support are all Author: Christopher Pappas.