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Jan 05, 2011 · The average IQ is 100, with the majority of people scoring between 85 and 115. A person is considered intellectually disabled if he or she has an IQ of less than 70 to 75. Oct 23, 2017 · Adaptive Functioning. Intellectually disabled adults may be employed at minimum wage jobs and can likely be self-supporting. The majority who work favor independent living over group or supervised living situations. Moderately intellectually disabled typically live with relatives or in a supervised group setting.Author: Andrea Agnew.

Empower. Residents in homes for mentally challenged adults can feel powerless. Activities that are easy for healthy adults are beyond the resident’s abilities, and residents tire of relying on others for basic tasks. A focus on empowerment returns autonomy and self-sufficiency to residents. Feb 09, 2017 · Services for Adults with Disabilities. Feb 9, 2017. Links updated, March 2017. Disabled Sports USA (SSI and/or SSDI) to persons with a physical or mental disability that prevents them from working and which is expected to last at least a year or be terminal. Eligibility for SSI or SSDI may mean eligibility for other services, such as.

free stuff for adults with disabilities - resources, equipment, discounts, leads, scholarships and more, for adults with disabilities and/or special needs resources, equipment, discounts, leads, scholarships and more, for adults with disabilities (aged 18 and older). Housing Options for Adults with Special Needs Fifty years ago, most people with even moderate special needs were institutionalized throughout their adult lives. Now, thanks in part to societal changes and decades of litigation, most people with special needs, including those with very severe special needs, live in some type of community setting.

Jun 15, 2006 · Oral Hygiene. Oral hygiene often is neglected in adults with mental retardation, 20 and obtaining access to good dental care can be difficult. 21 Periodontal disease is common and can be a source of discomfort, fever, and challenging behaviors, Cited by: 22. This may have contributed to its replacement with euphemisms such as mentally challenged or intellectually disabled. While developmental disability includes many other disorders, developmental disability and developmental delay (for people under the age of 18) are generally considered more polite terms than mental retardation.Specialty: Psychiatry, pediatrics.