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Naruto erased his name from the board and wrote 'Naruto, JUST NARUTO'. "Like I said children, please just call me Naruto I was never one for formalities" Naruto said looking at all the girls, wait only girls. Naruto quickly counted to get 14 kids, and when he did he realized this was an all girl Sex Ed class. Follow/Fav House of Lemon:One Shoot Story. By: DealtShadow35. Naruto 4 said as Yugito keeps sucking his cock even more while blushing badly. Plus all of Naruto's other sex slaves are in an orgy with Naruto's shadow clones looking the same as Samui and Temari as Naruto says.

Canon Divergent: Naruto is a skilled puppet user, and slowly but surely he starts building a harem, from friends and foes alike. It is just one step closer to becoming Hokage. Naruto Male Harem If you like my work please consider supporting me on patreon. The reliaved Naruto a bit, “Wait, you mean I can have sex with any woman in the village now, and would probably want me to make them pregnant?” “That is the most likely case,” said Kushina starting to get up and holding onto her bloated stomach that had all of Naruto’s seed swooshing around inside.

Aug 15, 2019 · The only cure is not something Naruto is comfortable with at all: as much sex as possible in the next seven days, with all the kunoichi they can find to help him. With the last expert on the seal, Jiraiya, dead and the best medic in the world, Tsunade, still . 1-Kage Sexbomb 2-Chapter 2 - Sakura 3-Chapter 3 - Onsen 4-Chapter 4 I apply these traits towards sex and with that said I think I'm within reason. That said, the porn takes priority. Naruto said, running a hand lovingly down the arched back of his slut until he rested his palm on her gyrating ass. "Good girl.