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Asian Games: The Art of Contest highlights the paramount importance of Asia as a source of chess, backgammon, pachisi, go, playing cards, polo, and many other games now played worldwide. By exploring the evolution and social functions of games in Asia and their transmission to other regions, this exhibition illuminates significant, yet unfamiliar aspects of Asian cultures and their legacy.Author: MID-AMERICA ARTS ALLIANCE. Oct 14, 2004 · Asian Games is pan-Asian not only in the origins of the objects on display but also in that many of the games represented in the exhibition originated in one part of Asia and traveled through others, changed in new cultural contexts, and sometimes found their .

"Asian Games" is a museum exhibition catalog, lavishly filled with photographs of art and artifacts and lots of historical background on the development of various games and their spread into various regions as they became popular.Cited by: 5. ancient Art AS Sackler Asia Asian backgammon ball board games card games chess pieces chess sets China Chinese color court cultural decorated depicted diao dice dominoes dynasty e-sugoroku earliest early Edo period elephant Emperor example excavated extant famous figures four gambling game's gaming pieces ganjifa Genji Han dynasty History illustrated incense India invention Iran .

Using the paraphernalia of games as well as paintings, prints, and decorative arts that depict people playing games, Asian Games: The Art of Contest is the first exhibition to explore Asia as a source of games such as chess, Parcheesi, Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, playing cards, and polo. Featuring over one hundred works of art from distinguished collections—including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, . The arts of contest / David Parlett --Dice in India and beyond ; Round and round the houses: the game of Pachisi ; The ups and downs of life: the Indian game of snakes and ladders / Irving Finkel --Official aspirations: Chinese promotion games / Andrew Lo --Scenic views: E-sugoroku / Masukawa Koichi --The world conqueror emerges: backgammon in Persia / Irving Finkel --Double sixes, holding .