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5 day radiation for breast cancer - Study Suggests Shorter Radiation Course Better for Many Women With Early-Stage Breast Cancer

When your cancer is found early, your doctor can determine if 5-Day Targeted Radiation Therapy could be used following your lumpectomy. It only takes 5 days, and it targets the radiation at the area that the cancer is most likely to recur. Jul 01,  · In women treated with breast-conserving surgery (BCS) and without cancer spread to underarm lymph nodes, this schedule has been shown to be just as good at keeping the cancer from coming back in the same breast as giving the radiation over 5 tentcity4.info Revised: October 3,

Mammosite 5-Day Targeted Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer. Tiny sources of radiation called “seeds” are placed in the body and removed after a short period of time. MammoSite is an outpatient procedure. The radiation is delivered two times a day for five days. Traditional radiation methods usually take six to seven weeks to complete. I've just completed my third day of the 5-day radiation plan. Everything I read says that you should not feel any side effects from this. However, I'm quite nauseated, and I can't think of another reason for it. I took antibiotics following last weeks surgery, and my wound is checked and cleaned.

5-Day Partial Irradiation Effective in Early Stage Breast Cancer Written by Dan Gray on May 22, Researchers say the new treatment option is effective and less complex for some women with Author: Dan Gray. Whole-breast radiation therapy after breast cancer surgery is usually given as one treatment per day, 5 days a week, for 5 to 7 weeks. A Gray is the way radiation oncologists measure the dose of radiation therapy; if you’re on a 5-week treatment schedule, 50 Gray is the usual amount given during the 5 weeks (2 Gray at each treatment).

She has had scans and is scheduled for a lumpectomy in a week. She and my dad are trying to decide between radiation that will go twice a day for 5 days or radiation that will go every day for I think 7 weeks. She is being seen at a Breast Cancer center in Fullerton California that . Aug 03,  · That's just the number of days you'll get radiation treatment. I had mine in about 10 days. They have to insert the balloon, run tests to make sure it's placed right and that it meets the requirements. Figure in a weekend and the actual length of time runs around 7 - 10 days if not longer.