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VIP/Dignitary Escort. MOVEMENT#: Protectees and accompanying immediate family members under armed escort by a US government agency and/or US or US territory governor details are eligible for specialized screening once their identification has been reviewed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening supervisor. PLEASE NOTE: If you require an APD escort, contact the Amtrak Police Supervisor at the APD NCC at (800) 331-0008 no less than 15 minutes prior to your arrival and provide linkup information (vehicle color / make / model / plate / driver telephone contact information / location).

Security Escort Services: The Office of Community Policing assists various other Divisions with the special needs related to Security Escort Services. Community Policing works closely with our Special Events Unit on a standby basis to provide escorts for special events, personal escorts of Dignitaries visiting NIH, pedestrian employees’ afterhours, patients and families to and from the. North Texas Dignitary Escort is frequently called upon to provide Motorcycle Escort services for high profile clientelle. Whether it be visiting entertainers, foreign diplomats, sports teams or corporate events, the presence of uniformed, professional motorcycle escorts provides safety as well as a long lasting visual impression.

2. Escort details may be provided to non-dignitary individuals at the discretion of the Investigations Bureau Commander. 3. A need for the escort detail must be demonstrated by the person or agency requesting the escort service. 4. A police escort detail is not a dignitary protection detail, and only provides police presence. Services and activities of North Texas Dignitary Escort, a motorcycle escort company.

The Department of State’s escort officer will contact the departing dignitary’s designated point of contact(s) to coordinate the departure from a domestic airport. The escort officer will set up a meeting point at the airport and proceed to escort the VIP through the security screening process. Planning, training, and performing motorcycle escorts With planning, escorts can be accomplished while providing safety to the parties being escorted, the motoring public, and the escort.

Basic tactics on VIP protection (two hours) = lesson 1 Practice (11 hours and half of practical lessons) = lesson 2 The practice should be carried out over a number of days and the instructors should as they play a crucial role during the escort of a VIP. The Dignitary Escort Training Course was created to assist agencies in developing a safe and uniform escort policy. To develop skills in the proper methods and techniques necessary to provide a safe and efficient Dignitary Escort. The Course is created in conjunction with a policy and procedures manual available to attending agencies.