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Guide to Bras for Pendulous Breasts. If you’ve googled ‘pendulous breasts’ lately, you’ll see that half of the search results that come up in the top 10 are for plastic surgery clinics. Somehow, as a pendulous gal, this doesn’t sit well with me. I dislike the idea that because my breasts aren’t a . Pendulous breasts are mammary glands which have lost their upright and round appearance. These breasts have changed to a longer and more cylindrical shape and appear to hang down the chest wall without support. The name comes from the reference to a pendulum which hangs from a .

A bra is not needed to give a full look to these breasts, but should be worn anyway to maintain their position and shape. Self-supporting breasts are very common in post-pubescent girls and women with breast implants. Wearing supportive bras on a daily and consistent basis can keep your breasts self-supported for a lifetime. Going braless. Aug 12, 2013 · An omega breast shape is also possible. This breast shape is more commonly seen in women with larger breasts, usually a D cup or larger. It is also called ball-shaped breasts. This is a shape that occurs over time when you aren’t wearing the right size bras. This isn’t a Author: Jennifer Taylor.