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First-time-gay Confessions First-time-gay confession stories and sins. Confession Stories; Confessions; Current: first-time-gay; Views Recent Upvoted Comments Confession #2230. 09/10/2016 I had been out of town for a month and getting desperate. I was in New Orleans, and walked past a tiny little bar and decided to go have a beer. 17 Confessions From First Time Gay Sex. If you’re a gay, bi or curious guy chances are you might be up for a chocolate starfish stretch But when you do it for the first time, there are just things you don’t expect. (C) BIGSTOCK. We asked our wonderful community what they thought about the first time .

Confession #4267. 07/09/2018 I come from a very religious family and I have always been told that I MUST remain a virgin until I get married. Listening to all my friends talking about how great sex is and how much they want to have sex with this guy or that guy was just to much for me. Dec 28, 2014 · We got into the boat. We could see right through each others underwear. His cock was really large and somewhat horny. I could see it! We started talking sex, and then at my suggestion we got back in the water and skinny dipped. We started wrestling again, but this time when his hand went in between my thighs it stayed there, playing with my crotch.

That was the first time I’d ever seen an erect penis in real life and god did it get me going. I had to hold back from jumping over and sucking on it. I was also feeling a little restricted by the duvet so I rolled it down and released my own cock. Anyway, fast forward, . I started jerking off spying on my older sister, or into a pair of her underwear at 13. I enjoyed oral sex with my girlfriends in school, but my first real sex was with my passed out older sister. At 18 my girlfriend got pregnant and we got married. As much as I wanted to have sex all the time, she wouldn't do it every time .