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104.7 The Big Lick Licking County’s Rock Station. Public File. © The Big Lick. What is the BIG LICK? Per the Tennesse Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’Association (TWBEA) “The Tennessee Walking Horse performs three distinct gaits: the flat foot walk, running walk, and canter.

Jan 14, 2017 · The End of the Big Lick. This is a ‘gaited’ breed which means that instead of or in addition to the normal gaits of walk, trot and canter, the horse is able to do one or more of a variety of ‘ambling’ gaits or, alternatively, a lateral ‘pace’ (you can get an idea of what various different gaits look like from this video). The Big Lick. The Tennessee Walking Horse has a natural gait that’s famously smooth. And, if trained in a certain way, it can perform a walk that’s even more spectacular. But, there’s a secret behind how, exactly, these horses are trained to do the crowd-pleasing step they’re celebrated for. Mary Helen Montgomery brings us the story.

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