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vagina festival japan - A model vagina and penis at the Vagina festival in Japan. News Photo - Getty Images

The Shinto Kanamara Matsuri (かなまら祭り, "Festival of the Steel Phallus") is held each spring at the Kanayama Shrine (金山神社, Kanayama-jinja) in Kawasaki, Japan.The exact dates vary: the main festivities fall on the first Sunday in April. The phallus, as the central theme of the event, is reflected in illustrations, candy, carved vegetables, decorations, and a mikoshi parade.Observed by: Kanayama shrine, Kawasaki, Japan. Mar 09, 2014 · The wife that had been talking to us before turned to me to tell me how this was the Ohinasama, but all I could think was vagina, vagina, vagina! We finally saw our first vagina! Emma didn't even see it until I showed her, haha. See it? In the girl's mouth? Behind the torii.

See Who's Going to Kanamara Matsuri 2019 in Kawasaki, Japan! Kanamara Matsuri, which translates as “Festival of the Steel Phallus,” is a Shinto festival held annually on the first Sunday of April in Kawasaki, Japan. The penis is the central theme of the celebration and appears in myriad forms, shapes and sizes. It is venerated here as a result of its role. A model vagina and penis at the Vagina festival in Japan. Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images.

It is ironic that Japan’s Penis and Vagina Festival is an annual event dating back to ancient times and today that nation has one of the world’s lowest birth rates.. The government hopes to ease the financial burden of child-rearing and encourage more children by offering a monthly stipend of $280 per child. Jan 09, 2015 · Known colloquially as the “Penis Festival”, these festivities celebrate just that: the power of the male genitalia. And it is an event that is gaining increasing popularity, especially among foreign visitors, each year. The next Kanamara Festival will take place on Sunday, 7 April 2019.Author: Jessica Korteman.

Jul 25, 2017 · A major case in point, traditions like Kawasaki’s Kanamara Matsuri, or “Festival of the Steel Phallus” in which a large pink penis is paraded in the streets and penis-shaped snacks and Author: Ilaria Maria Sala. Mar 31, 2016 · ★ Special Episode ★ This festival will next be held on Sunday, April 5 2020. Here's a preview with all the background you'll need. Japan's Kanamara Matsuri as you've never seen it before.

Apr 07, 2014 · Welcome to the big Penis Festival in Kawasaki, Japan, AKA the Kanamara Matsuri. It's an ancient Japanese festival that commemorates a magical dick from 400 years ago. Feb 29, 2012 · Since more than 1,500 years ago, the population of Japan has conducted spring ritual that is unique, the festival of penis and vagina. Cultural tradition rooted in agriculture is a sense of gratitude for a successful crop and livestock produce many offspring.4.5/5.