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kicked him in the penis he was injured injured bad -

He kicked him in the penis. Login · Create Account: Games. All Games; Games with Achievements; Trigon Commercial – “He was injured. Injured bad.” I love his lil dimples and he is so serious, I want to adopt him!! I have seen this commerical over and over again!! 9. Mar 04, 2013 · "I was watchin' me and my mommawinit watchin' it movin' it man kicked him. (Sigh) The uh, the man that was gonna tryina punch 'em, he kicked him down on the ground, but he finna kick 'em, I was gonna..You know what he did?! He kicked him in the penis. He was injured, injured bad.".

Sep 05, 2017 · Fracturing your penis. Dr. Mills says that the patient’s injury was so severe that he not only fractured his penis, but he also tore his urethra completely, so he was unable to urinate. He had to fully reconstruct all chambers and essentially reattach the torn penis to the base, which was still intact.Author: Carrie Borzillo. son hurt his testicles, what to look out for? By My son was trying to land a move on his skate board when it shot up and hit him in the nuts. He is in a lot of pain 12 hours past the incident andhas pain while coughing and urinating. When I was about 13 My brother who was 10 at the time drop kicked me in the penis and I told my dad and.