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They can be used with oil or latex paint. For latex paint, only use synthetic brushes. For oil-based or alkyd paints, use either a synthetic or natural bristle, and it's always a good idea to check the manufacturer's recommendations. You can accomplish most paint jobs with a larger 4-inch brush for coverage and a smaller 2-inch brush for trim. If waxes exist, remove with ammoniated cleaners. Test the Sherwin-Williams Multi-Purpose Latex Primer on the surface for adhesion. If the primer dries without lifting or blistering, you may then proceed and finish with a good quality latex paint like Super Paint or Duration.

Approaches to Formulating Interior Latex Paints for the Southeastern U.S. February 8, 2006 (shininess) from low-gloss coatings. To measure gloss, the test paint is applied by applicator bar to a panel of glass or sealed paper at the wet thickness specified in the Table of Test Results, and dried. 1/2 inch wide and 10 mils thick, between Author: Thad T. Broome. Alkyd paints differ from latex based paints in several aspects, including the thinner and binder used in the paint. The thinner improves the texture and flow of the paint so that it is easy to apply. In latex paints, the thinner is water, which evaporates once the paint has been applied onto a surface.Author: DIY Staff.

Proper Applicator Care Brushes: Clean the brush immediately after each use, before the paint has a chance to harden. For oil-base paint, use the proper solvent. For latex-base paints, clean with warm, soap or detergent water solution. If brush does not clean thoroughly, clean in paint thinner and rewash in warm detergent solution.Author: DIY Staff. Selecting the Right Paint Tools Most paint pads are made of foam or mohair, and can be used to apply both latex and oil-based or alkyd paints. In most cases, the pads can be replaced when worn Author: Bob Vila.

The natural "flagging" (splitting or fuzzy tips) of these brushes creates split ends in the bristles that hold more paint and help assure a smooth paint release and finish. Blended nylon/polyester brushes are easy to clean and work well with all types of latex paints. The combination of nylon's durability and polyester's shape retention is the. Nov 13, 2017 · Paint Roller 101 The surface you’re painting determines the nap (the thickness of the woven cover) you will need. Thick 3/4″ nap roller covers are best used on stucco, decks, brick, and masonry. This thick and fluffy nap can hold more paint and get into the crevices of the rough surface.

Dec 10, 2012 · Good Ventilation – If you’re working with oil-based paint you need better ventilation than you do with latex paint. Make sure to open windows and put a fan in the doorway to pull in fresh air. Oil-based paints usually have a much higher VOC content than latex paints, which is why the extra ventilation is needed.Reviews: 247. Use the best paint for your garage floors. Use a garage floor epoxy to protect your floors from stains and hot-tire pickup. You get a thick hard glossy surface that lasts. You can use concrete floor paints on all your concrete surfaces. Try adding new colors and textures.