Effective (and Ineffective) Treatments for Sexual Offenders - inpatient sex offender treatment


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Jun 09, 2015 · Generally speaking, contraindications to sex offender treatment are: The good news is violent sex offenders, fixated child offenders, and others for whom treatment is contraindicated are a minority of the overall sex offender population.Author: Robert Weiss Phd, MSW. Sex Offender Treatment. The Treatment Modality focuses on INDIVIDUAL and FAMILY therapy. Therapy sessions are held weekly (45-50 minutes) with the client. The FAMILY component, with or without the patient present is held, when indicated, within the context of the patient’s individual treatment plan.

Delineate a formal, assessment–driven process by which individual sex offenders are matched to intensity of services based on risk level (e.g., higher risk offenders receive more intensive services); Prioritize access into sex offender treatment based on release dates;. Apparently, no Connecticut facility has such a program, although the Institute for Living, a private psychiatric facility affiliated with Hartford Hospital may treat some sex offenders on an individual basis. There is also an adolescent sex-offender treatment program in Meriden, but it is a residential program, not an inpatient setting.

The mission of Project Valor is to provide quality treatment specific to sex offending behaviors and sexually abusive behaviors. By re-educating young men to respect and value themselves and others, the cycle of violence can be interrupted. Sex offender treatment is a serious and encouraging process which focuses on learning specialized strategies for stopping abusive behavior, being accountable and taking responsibility for harm done. For the vast majority of those adults and juveniles who have committed a sexual offense, treatment significantly reduces the future risk of sexually abusing a child.