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Stings By Local Authorities. Conclusion: The Erotic Review Is Trouble Avoid It. I don’t care how many reviews this site has. Even with The Erotic Review claiming that they have 1.4 million reviews on the site and over 100,000 users I just do not care! The site is a huge liability and nothing good is going to come from using this review. Aug 16, 2019 · ESCORT REVIEW WEBSITES. There are many escort review sites where VIP members can read and post reviews about independent escorts with profiles and pictures. The most popular ones include The Erotic Review (TER), Big Doggie, ECCIE, Best GFE and GFE Club.

Jan 26, 2014 · The escort industry, white legal, is a target of permanent legal bullying. Charging money for your time is, again, legal. However, law enforcement personnel are more interested in what may or may not happen while you're on a date with a client. Every year, a big sting is announced by the media in which several escorts and their director have been arrested on charges of prostitution. Jan 20, 2006 · Elms said he had no choice but to keep quiet even when he learned of active stings on his site: “We can’t impede an investigation. In any event, The Erotic Review’s user forums and other Author: M. Alex Johnson.

I'm not for using escort sites or forums that suggest paying girls for sex is best practice. In fact, I actually try to avoid that at all costs. Which is why I suggest not using the Erotic Monkey site. Read my review and find out why I suggest avoiding this site and others like it. Websites like Craigslist and Backpage make it easy for prostitutes to advertise their services, and even easier for patrons to find exactly what they want. Other sites, like The Erotic Review, allow patrons to read and post reviews of prostitutes. Watch the video below for a brief explanation of how Minnesota prostitution stings work:Author: Appelman.Law.