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vintage {Computers | Microprocessors | Microcontrollers} has 4,116 members. Welcome! This is a fun group with a friendly bunch of people who have worked. About Microcontrollers. Phones, key fobs, radios, and every electronic gizmo you can think of all function because of their chipset. These chipsets are centered around a microcontroller, which is a chip programed to do a specifically tailored task. The controller is essentially a small computer that is programed for one specific function.

Jul 24, 2013 · Using 30 Year Old Microcontrollers. 28 Comments You can add all those features to a 70’s/80’s vintage micro using additional 74 series logic and/or the peripheral chips sets for the micro. An ESP8266 Live Wi-Fi Webcam. Having read about the ESP8266 NTP clock in previous issues of Nuts & Volts, an idea came to mind to construct an interface camera using the ESP8266.In this project, we used an old Android phone as a camera source and linked to an ESP8266 based webserver.

Feb 11, 2018 · Vintage Microcontrollers? «on: February 06, 2018, 11:32:10 am» While cleaning out a big bin of tubes, of what i assumed were all masked Intel 8749 micros, I found that 8 tubes of them were windowed eprom versions. Microcontrollers are hidden inside a surprising number of products these days. If your microwave oven has an LED or LCD screen and a keypad, it contains a microcontroller. All modern automobiles contain at least one microcontroller, and can have as many as six or seven: The engine is controlled by a Author: Marshall Brain.