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Jun 16, 2016 · Anyone who has played the Vintage V4 will know that it is a better bass than the Squier yet available at a lower price. It is the choice of intelligent, good looking people. ;-) Bass Guitar Magazine did a review last month of the Vintage V4MTB which is the Tony Butler signature - essentially the same bass other than colour. They loved it. Vintage by name, 'vintage' by nature?! The bolt-on maple neck is truly glorious, both in terms of looks and playability Read the review. Reproduced with the express permission of Bass Guitar Magazine (Future Publishing), January 2012.

May 21, 2009 · The Vintage V4 gets good reviews on here, and I can speak for a substantial amount of people when I say the Squier (note the spelling) are brilliant basses for £200. The Vintage Modified and Classic Vibe basses are better than Fender's Mexican basses. Here, have some reading material, basschatters reviews of the Squier Vintage Modified Precision. Sep 01, 2015 · Review – Vintage ICON VJ74MR Four String Bass They say if the shoe fits, then wear it, and so is the case with the Vintage ICON series VJ74MR Four String Bass, as a vintage style bass. The Vintage ICON VJ74MR, V for Vintage, J for Jazz, MR for Modern Relic and 74 for the year [ ]Author: Ty Campbell.

Vintage gear up for NAMM 2018 with Vintage Reissued. 1/25/2018. Released in 2015 to a flurry of great reviews, the V6M24 range features a Wilkinson WVS50II vibrato system, and a matched pair of Wilkinson high-output double coil pickups. V4 Bass The Vintage V4 bass is an homage to arguably the greatest bass guitar design of all time. An.